Friday, September 30, 2011

My Web Portfolio is HERE!!

Sorry I haven't blogged for so long.  Life has just been very hectic lately.  One of the things that has kept me busy is my web portfolio.  I've been working on setting up a website to feature my photography and it's finally DONE!

You can check it out here: Johanne Moore Photography.

Recently, I also attended a couple fashion events with my gal pal Angie (creator and designer of WorkPlayDate jewelry).  The first one was a trunk show called Fashion Racked, hosted by San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance, Inc. (SFFAMA).  Different designers, including WPD, had pieces for sale.  The trunk show was located within 5 Claude Lane, an art gallery in SF.

Fashion Racked Photo Gallery

The second event was Styling for the Modern Man at the Bentley Reserve in SF.  The location was gorgeous and THE CLOTHES!  ...They were to DIE for!

Styling for the Modern Man Photo Gallery

Well, it's time for bed.  I have to get up early for a candid photoshoot with Angie.  She's doing me a HUGE favor by letting me photograph her and her WPD pieces.  Can't wait!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shopping for Bargains

If you've never been to a flea market I suggest you go to one, especially the San Jose Flea Market in California. It is chock full of great bargains and fresh produce. From produce, furniture, and car accessories to jewelry, clothes and luggage, you'll find it all there. My friends and I visited yesterday and we had a blast.

The event is HUGE so make sure you bring your walking shoes and maybe even a hat or umbrella during the summer. San Jose can get pretty toasty. I know I came home darker than when I set out. If you don't have a hat you can surely buy one from the many stalls there. Here is my gorgeous friend, and creator of WorkPlayDate jewelry (link on the side of my blog for her jewelry line), modeling one of the many hats we found at the market.

Anyway, come visit the San Jose Flea Market. You never know what you'll find.

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