Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Post of 2011

The clock is ticking and soon it will be time to ring in a new year.  It's time to evaluate this year and think of all the things you should be grateful for and the things you can do better next year.  Many of us will be making a list of resolutions.  That will probably be dependent on whether or not we accomplished this year's new year resolutions.  Haha...  But really, for me, it's a time for reflection.

2011 has been an eventful year, some good some bad. Unfortunately I've lost some family members.  I'm just happy that their suffering has ended and they are at peace.  I love you!!  My mom finally got the promotion she's been after for a few years now.  As a manager she will have better pay and excellent benefits.  Go Mumsy!!  You deserve it!!  All in all it's been a good year.  I'm thankful for my job as well as my husband's.  I'm grateful that most of my family is healthy, sheltered, and employed.  In this economy, that's very important and I know I'm blessed.  I'm also thankful for all the friends I have.  I am truly lucky to have found some amazing and supportive people whose company I thoroughly enjoy.

Do you put together a New Year's Resolution List?  Mine are the usual suspects.  I want to stay healthy, go to the gym and stay better connected to friends and family.  What more can I ask for?  I'm quite satisfied with my life and everything else is just gravy.   I wish all of you a safe and happy new year!  

Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter 2011 Handbag Trends

Winter 2011 Handbag Trends

Kate Spade cross body - Essex Scout
$395 -

Kate Spade clutch - Summit Brynn
$295 -

Big Buddha hobo handbag
$95 -

Looking around lately I've noticed the four biggest trends in arm candy right now.  The first one is color blocking, as shown on the beautiful satchel above.  It's a great blend of rich colors like mustard yellow, coral red, and black that would do well as an every day bag for work and school.  I especially love the gold buckles running down the front flap.  Asos is a totally affordable brand at only $127 for genuine leather.  

Clutches and cross body satchels are really big right now, especially ones with bold colors that really make a statement.  Kate Spade, one of my fave designers never lets me down.  I love her Brynn clutches and Essex Scout cross body satchels.  The clutches are large and roomy and mean to be carried underneath your arm or make use of the cute chain attached to sling over your shoulder.  I'm featuring Summit Brynn above but this style clutch comes in many more colors.  Oversized clutches are great for parties, dates and nights out with the gals.  The gold sequined detail is perfect for holiday parties which need a little bling in the outfit.  The cross body satchel is a little more casual.  This Kate Spade design is roomy and comes in many different colors and sizes.  It's perfect for running errands because it leaves your hands free.  I love the magnetic flap so you don't have to fool around with any buckles.

The last trend I'd like to mention is fur (faux).  Whether you want to go bold and opt for a purse that is completely covered in fur, like the one pictured above, or enjoy the subtlety of one with just the trimming, you can see that the Big Buddha handbag above is a great choice with a nice price.  It's been so cold everywhere lately that may have influenced all the fur accents in clothing and purses.  Not only can you bundle up in fur-lined boots, fur-trimmed coats and vests, but you can cuddle up with your purse as well!  Fur in anything makes me feel decadent and certainly gives the wearer a sense of luxury.

It is no secret that I am a big lover of handbags.  I believe they make or break an outfit.  They express your individuality, your style, your personality through the shape, the texture, the material, the embellishments.  I tend to let my handbags do all the talking, especially if they are as bold as the ones above.  My clothes are always basic and dark during the winter months and I prefer my pop of color to come out of my bags, shoes, and jewelry.  I also prefer classic shapes like the ones I chose above because trends will come and go.  Classics are forever.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Shopping Wix My Girlies!

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I love shopping at these types of events where local designers/artists get together and show off their talent.  Don't you?  I always manage to find some unique little bauble or piece of art to fall in love with.  I actually made a promise to myself that I wouldn't really shop for me but for other people (needed to whittle down the Christmas list).  So when I got an invite from a friend I was eager to go.  I only bought one thing for myself, 2 drawings that I plan on framing and using to decorate my bedroom.  That was my limit and it was very hard to stick to that plan.  I saw so many WorkPlayDate (WPD) pieces that I wanted that I really had to hold myself back.

One of the other reasons I loved going to this artsy, crafty event, besides looking at cool jewelry, was getting to wear this circlet/headpiece I just bought recently from a consignment shop.  I LOVE IT and so did other people.  The dark "antiquey" gold really complimented my black hair.  I got lotsa compliments because of that baby and I can't wait to wear it again.

With my fixation on jewelry, I'm sure this won't be the last time I'll be attending these events.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pucker Up!

From top to bottom: bravado, witty, confidence

I walked into my local beauty shop just to get some false lashes (unfortunately I have short stubby ones and need the help) to wear to an event I'm attending over the weekend when a new display caught my eye.  I'm a sucker for makeup, particularly color (eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, etc.), so when I saw the new bareMinerals Pretty Amazing lipcolors I swooned. 

Pinks, nudes, and berries...all perfect for fall/winter or even all year-round.  I immediately fell in love with 3 colors: confidence, witty, and bravado.  Originally, I was only going to choose 1 but after trying them all on repeatedly, drying my lips out during the process, I caved in and bought them all.  I just couldn't choose!  Although I would wear the colors anytime and anywhere, confidence would be considered more of an everyday look because of its lighter pink shade.  Witty is a vampy, deep berry shade that would be great for a night out.  Bravado is a rose color that has a hint of orangey-brown and is a shade in-between the other two when it comes to lightness.

The product is so creamy and smooth and just glides onto my lips.  I love the applicator and its pointed tip for accurate application.  The color itself is very pigmented and goes on matte with a little bit of shine.  Without any gloss, my lips still feel moisturized, not dry like other matte lipsticks.  Since it's not a stain, you will have to reapply because it can be rubbed off.  However, what I like to do is, like with any other lipstick application, outline my lips with a similar shade of lip liner then apply the lipcolor and blot.  It stays longer and even if some of it rubs off, the lip liner underneath will still show.  You can buy them for $16 a piece (totally affordable) online by clicking this link bareMinerals Pretty Amazing or going to your nearest Sephora or Bare Escentuals store. 
From left to right: confidence, witty, bravado

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell - My New Guilty Pleasure

I have to thank one of my besties for introducing me to Jeffrey Campbell.  *You know who you are! ;)* His shoes are works of art that you can wear.

<~~~~I mean...just check 'em out!  I don't normally shell out more than $100 for shoes (unless they're leather boots) but I had to make an exception for these babies.  I actually got them on SALE the Saturday after Black Friday.  They were an extra 30% off on top of the sale price so they were a little over 40% off!!  I'll admit it...I drooled... ;)

These may look strange and uncomfortable to wear at first glance, but actually, they are suuuuuper comfortable.  The heels and the balls of my feet are well padded and the arch of my foot isn't too high because of the platform to heel ratio.  The heel is 5 1/2" and the platform is 1 1/2" according to the website but nearly 2" when I measured it myself.  This is the first pair that I actually bought on my own because the FIRST pair of JC's I had were a gift from my Mumsy.  She gave me the black, studded Lita as a very early Christmas gift.  I love her!

Unfortunately, Jeffrey Campbells retail between $140 to $300.  They are not everyday purchases, at least not for me and my budget.  However, if you feel like splurging and want to treat yourself to a show-stopping  fashion accessory then look no further.  I guarantee that if you walk out of the house with one of his shoes, you will be stopped by someone who wants to know where you got them from.

Monday, December 5, 2011

First Family Portrait!

I'm really thankful to have friends who are willing to be my guinea pigs as I branch out in my photography.  People are definitely harder to shoot than mountains, trees, flowers, and buildings!  And if they get photos that they love while helping me out...well all the better!!  With that being said, when the de Boer family asked me to take pictures of them for their Christmas cards this year, I said H E - double hockey sticks YES!

Our schedules finally meshed last Saturday and I was able to stop by and finally take these photos.  It was late in the afternoon and the sun was setting fast.  I had to get these shots before the sun went down.  I don't bring my own lights because I prefer to use natural light.  I was lucky with the background.  This bridge was only a short walk away.  I absolutely loved how they turned out and I hope they do too. If you want to see more of their pics just click on the photo below.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Genius Behind WorkPlayDate

What lady doesn't love jewelry?  I sure do and I'm fortunate that I have a friend who is the owner and designer of the latest jewelry line that I'm obsessed with.  Angela is the creator, owner, and creative designer of WorkPlayDate (WPD).  Her pieces range from feminine and preppy, with pearls and bow embellishments, to edgy with a rock & roll twist, with cascading chains, skulls, and crosses.  I’ve posted some pictures of the pieces that I have been lucky enough to score from her line.

Purple Crystal Ring

Pearly Bracelet

Long Pearl & Chain Necklace

Nerdy Pendant

Double Finger Pearl Bow Ring

Dangly Chains Double Ring (bracelet bought elsewhere)

Multi Strand Pearl Bracelet layered over Ring & Bracelet Combo

Did I also mention they are all one of a kind?  That’s right.  When you buy one of her pieces, you get the satisfaction in knowing that you bought a little piece of artistry that no one else has.  I don’t know about you, but I like the thought of being one of a kind. 

This woman is truly blessed because she is as gorgeous as her pieces.  I really wanted to showcase her beauty and her enviable style.  The result is what you see below.  If you want to see the entire gallery, or my other photos, go to or just click on one of the photos in the slideshow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Go To Pieces for Winter/Fall

Go To Pieces for Winter/Fall

Cordoroy pants
$38 -

Jeffrey Campbell spiked boots
£140 -

Aldo jewelry
$12 -

American Apparel circle scarve
$28 -

Prada retro shades
$205 -

Black and maaaaybe some brown are my colors when it starts to get chilly.  Maybe because it's so slimming and makes me feel like a wintery, dark, stormy night...I don't know!  But I love it!!  Above are my recent faves and I rarely leave the house without at least one of the following items.  The moto jacket by bebe and the Jeffrey Campbell spiked boots are recent acquisitions that I have just fallen head over heels for.  

I love to layer during Fall and Winter because of the fickle weather here in California.  Layers keep me warm but I can peel them off if the weather becomes warm all of a sudden (it does happen!).  That is why if I'm going to talk about at least one of the pieces above, it would be the jacket.  The bebe moto jacket is great because it's not thick and bulky.  It is thin and perfect for layering on top of a long cami or tunic or even a blouse.  I also love the cropped nature of this jacket because large, bulky jackets tend to make me look larger and shorter than I really am.  Cropped jackets, when paired with longer blouses inside, help elongate your torso.

I love love love HUE's corduroy leggings.  I have them in black, brown, and forest green.  They are super comfy and they keep me WARM!!  They dress up any outfit because of their slight metallic sheen.  I've even worn them underneath dresses to keep away the chill.  I really recommend getting them in every color!

Kate Spade...  What more can I say about a brand that epitomizes classic femininity?  Their Gold Coast MaryAnne in black is the most versatile handbag.  Because of its roomy interior, I love using it for work.  Holds my iPad along with my everyday essentials and some paperwork as well.  It has a slight metallic sheen so it translates well to a "going out" bag.  It's classic shape and quality craftsmanship are sure to remain in style for years to come.

You may notice that I'm mixing pieces that are feminine, like the quilted kate spade purse and semi-transparent blouse, with edgier pieces, like the spiked boots and moto jacket.  There's just something about mixing soft feminine pieces with a hard rock edge that makes it look so chic.  Don't get me wrong, you can go full on feminine or full on rocker but sometimes it just looks like too much or overwhelming.  When I do a little bit of both it comes out just right.  If you throw in some pearls or bows, my favorite accessories, that would make it even better!  :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vegas Vacation

I'm really fortunate that I've been in a position to own a timeshare. I work really hard and it's wonderful to be able to take a really nice vacation away. I chose to go to Vegas for some much needed shopping, show and people watching.

Of course, any time you go to this city you have to take pictures. I've posted one of the pictures I took. If you click on it, it will take you to my photography website where you'll find the others. I really hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Celebrity Makes a Mockery of Marriage

Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce from Kris Humphries

Photo by Kalumba2009
After a whirlwind romance, an extravagant and gaudy engagement ring (20+ carats!), and an ostentatious to the point of vulgar reality show wedding, Kim Kardashian files for divorce.  She divorces her husband only 72 days after exchanging vows.  VOWS.  Apparently the woman doesn't know the meaning of that word.  She's just another one of a long line of celebrities who go through marriages as if they're trying on pair after pair of shoes to see which look and fit better.

Marriage and relationships take a lot of work.  It isn't a "fairy tale" nor is it guaranteed to have a happy ending.  It may take going to counseling, doing a trial separation, talking, compromising.  I'm not so old-fashioned that I don't believe in divorce.  However, I do believe that it is the last alternative and only used if you've exhausted all other possibilities.  Obviously, 72 days is not enough to come to that conclusion.

I just find it disappointing that these celebrities can get married and divorced on a whim and no one is protesting that they are devaluing the meaning of marriage.  On the other hand I have friends and family who may want to enter into this union to create a family of their own, to show their love for one another, but can't because a portion of the U.S. population considers it a sin and have elected politicians who take their religion into account when making decisions about our city, state, and country.  I believe in love at first sight, falling in love, and the potential for happily ever after (I am a romantic after all, even if it's a practical type of romantic).  But my head is not in the clouds and my feet are planted firmly in the ground.  My husband and I know that we have to constantly strive for peace in our household.  Our alpha personalities clash at times but I just read something recently that we've learned, through all our arguing, to apply to our marriage: "Apologizing does not always mean that you're wrong and the other person is right.  It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego."

Friday, September 30, 2011

My Web Portfolio is HERE!!

Sorry I haven't blogged for so long.  Life has just been very hectic lately.  One of the things that has kept me busy is my web portfolio.  I've been working on setting up a website to feature my photography and it's finally DONE!

You can check it out here: Johanne Moore Photography.

Recently, I also attended a couple fashion events with my gal pal Angie (creator and designer of WorkPlayDate jewelry).  The first one was a trunk show called Fashion Racked, hosted by San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance, Inc. (SFFAMA).  Different designers, including WPD, had pieces for sale.  The trunk show was located within 5 Claude Lane, an art gallery in SF.

Fashion Racked Photo Gallery

The second event was Styling for the Modern Man at the Bentley Reserve in SF.  The location was gorgeous and THE CLOTHES!  ...They were to DIE for!

Styling for the Modern Man Photo Gallery

Well, it's time for bed.  I have to get up early for a candid photoshoot with Angie.  She's doing me a HUGE favor by letting me photograph her and her WPD pieces.  Can't wait!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shopping for Bargains

If you've never been to a flea market I suggest you go to one, especially the San Jose Flea Market in California. It is chock full of great bargains and fresh produce. From produce, furniture, and car accessories to jewelry, clothes and luggage, you'll find it all there. My friends and I visited yesterday and we had a blast.

The event is HUGE so make sure you bring your walking shoes and maybe even a hat or umbrella during the summer. San Jose can get pretty toasty. I know I came home darker than when I set out. If you don't have a hat you can surely buy one from the many stalls there. Here is my gorgeous friend, and creator of WorkPlayDate jewelry (link on the side of my blog for her jewelry line), modeling one of the many hats we found at the market.

Anyway, come visit the San Jose Flea Market. You never know what you'll find.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saying G'bye to Mr. Jeans & Black Turtleneck

I just want to take a moment to pay homage to the tech visionary that is Steve Jobs.  Unless you live under a rock, you must've heard that he is stepping down as Apple's CEO.  Read his resignation letter here: Steve Jobs' Resignation Letter .

While it isn't explicitly said, I believe that it is for health reasons that he is resigning now.  He has been battling pancreatic cancer, which he announced in 2004.  I would be sorry to hear if that is the case because everyone knows how devoted he is to his company.  However, I think he realizes at this point that family and health must come first. 

With that being said I want to thank him for my pink iPod mini, iPod video, iPod shuffle, iPhone, iTunes, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, wireless mac keyboard, and iPad.  My apple gadgets are the best gadgets I own!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Four-Legged Family Members

I was 9...maybe 10 years old when my family (mom, dad, lil bro) were walking and shopping around San Francisco.  We were across the street from Macy's when I spotted cages surrounded by SPCA staff.  I peeked in and I saw him for the first time.  Buster.  He was a big tabby cat with white paws.  I was determined to bring him home that day.  Sure enough, I was able to convince my family that we needed to bring him home.  He was my baby for 8 years.  I was devastated when he passed away.  I wish I had a photo to show you.  (RIP my beloved Buster.)  I've been a cat person ever since.

After a period of mourning, my family decided to get another cat.  We scoured the local animal shelters but it was in PETCO that we saw our next adopted baby (or babies).  The Island Cat Resources & Adoption (ICRA) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization based in the city of Alameda.  They provide foster care for rescued cats and spay and neuter feral cats that are then released back into the wild.  If you would like to volunteer, foster, or donate money please click on this link:  They were conducting an adoption center within PETCO and that's where my family and I fell in love with Alvin & Theodore (no there isn't a Simon..WE WISH).  They were brothers, both manxes, and had the most adorable little nubs for tails.  One was a short-hair.  He was grey with a white under belly and grey stripes.  He had the most adorable pink nose.  That was to be our Theodore.  A very appropriate name because he became a bit of a chunky baby.  Alvin was a puffball.  A long-haired cat that was pretty much grey all over except for his belly, which was a light tan color with curly hair (yes CURLY!), and throat, which was white.  (We learned later that he definitely earned his name "Alvin" by being a naughty, mischievous baby who liked to get into everything.)  We didn't set out to get TWO cats but these two had such pronounced personalities and they couldn't be separated.  We adopted them both and never regretted it for a moment.  When I moved out, Theodore and Alvin stayed with my mom.  Currently, Alvin stays with my brother and Theodore stays with my mom.



It's definitely true what they say...when you have a pet, they're no longer just an animal.  They become a part of your family.  You're happy when they're happy.  You're sad when they're sad or ill.  This was why I had to adopt a cat when I had a place of my own (living with bf/husband).  First came Haley, a big, grey kitty (we think she may be a chartreux) then (as a playmate and sister) Rowan, a tabby with cute spots on her belly.  They are so adorable and I love them to pieces.  Haley is a bit of a bratty, drama queen and Rowan is playfull and friendly.  Sometimes they don't get along because of their opposite personalities.  Haley likes to spend time sleeping and cleaning herself (spoiled princess) and Rowan is just playfull like a puppy all the time.  But I do see them cuddling with each other more often than not.  I was bored last night and I compiled a cute little video slideshow of the best pictures I've taken of the two.  I hope you enjoy.

Pets are amazing and bring joy to their families on a daily basis.  Don't buy...ADOPT!  There are so many babies out there that need forever homes.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Life Cycle of a Friendship

This morning, while I was perusing for anything interesting, I came across an article that raised both its hands and waved them in my face.  Check it out here: Is it time to end that friendship?

Why did it jump out at me with lights flashing and bells whistling?  Because a few months ago I basically had to "break up" with one of my closest girl friends.  She was also one of my best friends.  Lemme give you a quick run down first... 

I've known *Kelly (*names were changed to protect the person's identity lol) since I was a sophomore in high school.  We were practically inseparable: sleepovers at her house, shopping, partying, studying, you name it we did it together.  I could tell her anything and vice versa.  I would call her late into the night chatting about heartbreaks or family issues and she would be there for me.  Listening to me sniffle and snort through the phone into the wee hours of the morning made me love her even more.  She was like the sister I never had.

Our friendship survived graduation.  Even though I graduated before her (I'm a year older) we still managed to hang out.  Our relationship got rocky during the beginning of my relationship with my now-husband.  She felt as if I put her on the back-burner and chose to spend most of my time with him.  I have to admit that it was true.  I eventually found a balance between spending time with my friends and spending time with my spouse.  However, the roles became reversed.  She now had and was living with her serious boyfriend.  It was her turn to realize what her priorities were and to learn how to juggle her relationship with him and her relationship with me. 

Unfortunately, the epiphany never came for her as it did for me.  At first it was because of her boyfriend, then school (graduate studies), then she had plans with other friends...  I tried to be understanding.  Since it was her schedule that seemed to lack flexibility, I would try and schedule everything a few weeks to a month in advance.  I'd get her to pencil me in but she would flake on me.  She gave me one excuse after another, some times on the day of.  I though she was very inconsiderate.  Hell!  I STILL think she's inconsiderate. 

I tried my best for 2 years to keep the friendship going but to no avail.  I even explained the situation and how I felt to her and for a couple months I thought I had gotten through.  But she reverted back to her rude and inconsiderate behavior: not answering my calls, not returning my messages, making appointments then cancelling last minute.  I had enough.  I placed the ball in her court.  I let her know that I valued her as a friend but it was obvious we had grown apart and we had taken different paths in our lives.  If she wanted to continue the friendship she would have to make the move. 

That was basically the end.  I never heard from her since and the communication has just been cut off.  It's a shame because I saw our friendship spanning decades.  I pictured us with our respective husbands going on trips and having dinners together.  Eventually, we would have raised our children to be friends and have playdates at each other's houses.  But it's not meant to be.  I won't lie.  I felt a little heartbroken.  We had a relationship, after all, and it felt just like when I broke up with a boyfriend who just wasn't treating me right. 

To this day, I still think about her in passing.  I wish her well and all the happiness in the world.  Dr. Falk summed it up perfectly in the article.  "As we gain a stronger sense of self, what used to matter no longer does, and we're bound to outgrow certain friendships.  Once you're aware of that, without being cruel or feeling guilt-ridden, you can begin to let go of relationships that no longer nourish your most authentic self."

Monday, July 18, 2011

Introducing My Photo Apps!

I'm obsessed with downloading photo apps.  I have an entire folder dedicated to photography on my iPhone as you can see below.  I've collected these apps for years.  Some have come and go but the ones pictured are the ones that I love and are the most useful, in my opinion.  I am not affiliated with the creators of these apps and by no means am I getting paid to advertise them.  I just thought it would be great to highlight the ones that I use on a regular basis. 

ColorSplash, ColorBlast!, Colorize, and Color Effects are all pretty much the same app.  They do what the app looks like and that is to highlight a particular portion of a photograph and give it color while the rest of the photograph stays black and white.  I did the photo on the left with ColorSplash which is the simplest app.  That is my app of choice for simple color highlighting because it is very intuitive.  The good news is that it's CHEAP!  It's only 99¢ in the iTunes store.

If you want more out of these apps then you should go for either ColorBlast! or Colorize or BOTH!  (I seriously recommend both.)  I've actually come to prefer ColorBlast!  It incorporates everything that ColorSplash does with extras thrown in.  (So pretty much it makes ColorSplash obsolete but I keep it for it's simplicity.)  Not only can you do the photo above but you can also change the background color.  I used the sepia filter in the photo to the right.  You can also change the hue & saturation of the highlighted/colored portion of the photo.  Price?  A whopping 99¢ in the iTunes store.  =)

The last app, Colorize, is also simple but it allows you to pick the color that you want the focal point to become.  Look at the photos below and you can see this wonderful app at work.

As you can see... looks like I gave my precious baby, Haley, a purple dye job.  LOL  She looks adorable either way.  If you like this effect go ahead and buy it for $1.99.

While iMovie, technically, isn't a photo editor, it's still a pretty cool app all on its own.  I used it to make a video montage of one of my friends' doggy, birthday party.  I included both photos and clips to create the final video which I sent out to all the party participants.  It's easy, intuitive, and great for short little movies.  Price: $4.99.  (It's well worth it!)  If you are curious, you can view the final product here:

The next app that I frequently use is Camera+ purely for it's editing features.  Yes it's a fantastic camera app, better than the one the iPhone comes with (at least that's what I've heard/read) but I've only used the editing feature which is AMAZING!  

Unfortunately, I can't show you all the features that are available to you with this app but the best thing about it is being able to quickly turn a blah picture into a vibrant, eye-popping, work of art.  All cameras have scene modes and Camera+ gives you this feature to optimize your picture based on the type of picture you are taking.  You can see some of the samples of scene modes that are available on the lower half of the picture to the left.  The adjust button lets you turn the picture 90° degrees to the left or right and flip it horizontally or vertically.  The crop button is self explanatory.  The effects button is fantastic.  You have so many different choices that you are bound to find one that looks good to you.  Lastly, you have many different borders to choose from to finish your photograph.  For all that this app does I can't believe it's only $1.99!  I know that I got this app when it was only 99¢ and I'm glad I did.  With it's growing popularity I wouldn't be surprised if the price went up again.

Last, but surely not least, is the only other app that I currently take pictures with.  Instagram!  It's got the best price...  FREE!!  It doesn't get any better than that.  What I love about this app is it's array of filters that can be immediately applied to the photo you've just taken.  I also like this tilt-shift feature which allows you to focus on a part of the photograph, bring out its clarity and blur the rest.  Great right?

So those are the apps on photography that I'm currently obsessed with.  I hope the descriptions were helpful.  I know that when I was first beginning to accumulate my apps I relied heavily on online reviews.  It always helps to know what other people thought of it and how they used it for themselves.  Till next time...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Perfection... Attainable?

Has anyone heard of the show called Bridalplasty?? It's a reality show that aired last year on the E! Network. The premise? Women competed to win their dream wedding and, along the way, plastic surgery procedures on their wish list.

I watched one episode and is it just me or does this seem insane? I think this show was taking advantage of these women who already felt insecure about themselves and were under the pressure that most brides face when they are planning their "perfect" wedding. The idea that without this show they couldn't achieve a perfect wedding nor will they be perfect themselves was bandied about so much it made me sick.

I really don't have any problems with plastic surgery as long as you are doing it for yourself, have thought long and hard about and aren't going overboard with it. This show presented a buffet of plastic surgeries and I'll explain what I mean by that. You know when you cook for yourself or go to a regular restaurant you tend to eat a smaller portion. You'll have an appetizer (maybe), an entree, and dessert (again maybe). However, when you go to a buffet there's always a feeling like you have to get your money's worth. There's also so many choices that you can't make up your mind and then you pick a little of everything. No wonder you leave feeling like you are about to burst.  It's the same on this show.  There are free plastic surgeries up for grabs.  Because you don't have to shell out for it yourself, you may consider doing surgeries that you wouldn't have before.  There's also peer pressure.  You see other women focusing on their problem areas.  You may have been insecure about your nose and only your nose but seeing other women talk about their breasts you may consider breast augmentation as well.  I mean why not?  It's free right?  Now are you seeing my point?!

This reality TV show just highlights the message that outer perfection is attainable only through surgery and a lot of money, that you need to look perfect ESPECIALLY on your wedding day.  There should have been a therapist on this show because clearly these women have issues.  Didn't they think that their fianc├ęs and husbands at home must already love them and how they look and that is why they proposed/married them?  Let's not even begin the conversation that their partners are not included in their decision to alter their bodies.  What if their partners don't like the changes that were made?  Is it fair that they essentially pulled a bait and switch?  Here you are, you proposed or married someone then one day BAM they look totally different from the original.  

I just hope that at the end of the show these women ended up being truly happy with themselves and not regretting their impulsive and permanent decision.  I also hope their partners were able to live with the "end product" and that it didn't change their relationship.