Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saying G'bye to Mr. Jeans & Black Turtleneck

I just want to take a moment to pay homage to the tech visionary that is Steve Jobs.  Unless you live under a rock, you must've heard that he is stepping down as Apple's CEO.  Read his resignation letter here: Steve Jobs' Resignation Letter .

While it isn't explicitly said, I believe that it is for health reasons that he is resigning now.  He has been battling pancreatic cancer, which he announced in 2004.  I would be sorry to hear if that is the case because everyone knows how devoted he is to his company.  However, I think he realizes at this point that family and health must come first. 

With that being said I want to thank him for my pink iPod mini, iPod video, iPod shuffle, iPhone, iTunes, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, wireless mac keyboard, and iPad.  My apple gadgets are the best gadgets I own!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Four-Legged Family Members

I was 9...maybe 10 years old when my family (mom, dad, lil bro) were walking and shopping around San Francisco.  We were across the street from Macy's when I spotted cages surrounded by SPCA staff.  I peeked in and I saw him for the first time.  Buster.  He was a big tabby cat with white paws.  I was determined to bring him home that day.  Sure enough, I was able to convince my family that we needed to bring him home.  He was my baby for 8 years.  I was devastated when he passed away.  I wish I had a photo to show you.  (RIP my beloved Buster.)  I've been a cat person ever since.

After a period of mourning, my family decided to get another cat.  We scoured the local animal shelters but it was in PETCO that we saw our next adopted baby (or babies).  The Island Cat Resources & Adoption (ICRA) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization based in the city of Alameda.  They provide foster care for rescued cats and spay and neuter feral cats that are then released back into the wild.  If you would like to volunteer, foster, or donate money please click on this link:  They were conducting an adoption center within PETCO and that's where my family and I fell in love with Alvin & Theodore (no there isn't a Simon..WE WISH).  They were brothers, both manxes, and had the most adorable little nubs for tails.  One was a short-hair.  He was grey with a white under belly and grey stripes.  He had the most adorable pink nose.  That was to be our Theodore.  A very appropriate name because he became a bit of a chunky baby.  Alvin was a puffball.  A long-haired cat that was pretty much grey all over except for his belly, which was a light tan color with curly hair (yes CURLY!), and throat, which was white.  (We learned later that he definitely earned his name "Alvin" by being a naughty, mischievous baby who liked to get into everything.)  We didn't set out to get TWO cats but these two had such pronounced personalities and they couldn't be separated.  We adopted them both and never regretted it for a moment.  When I moved out, Theodore and Alvin stayed with my mom.  Currently, Alvin stays with my brother and Theodore stays with my mom.



It's definitely true what they say...when you have a pet, they're no longer just an animal.  They become a part of your family.  You're happy when they're happy.  You're sad when they're sad or ill.  This was why I had to adopt a cat when I had a place of my own (living with bf/husband).  First came Haley, a big, grey kitty (we think she may be a chartreux) then (as a playmate and sister) Rowan, a tabby with cute spots on her belly.  They are so adorable and I love them to pieces.  Haley is a bit of a bratty, drama queen and Rowan is playfull and friendly.  Sometimes they don't get along because of their opposite personalities.  Haley likes to spend time sleeping and cleaning herself (spoiled princess) and Rowan is just playfull like a puppy all the time.  But I do see them cuddling with each other more often than not.  I was bored last night and I compiled a cute little video slideshow of the best pictures I've taken of the two.  I hope you enjoy.

Pets are amazing and bring joy to their families on a daily basis.  Don't buy...ADOPT!  There are so many babies out there that need forever homes.