Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Nails

Spring and summer is the time when I love to play with bright colors and pastels.  This design is no exception!

It's definitely been awhile since I really took the time to do something creative with my nails.  I just haven't had the time or the inclination.  Lately, I've just painted them either a solid color or a solid color with crackle nail polish on top.  The latter isn't quite as boring as the former and it gives me an easy design without all the time and effort required. 

I get a lot of my nail design ideas from YouTube.  There are so many talented nail artists out there who have taken the time to create a video walkthrough on how to achieve their design.  I chose this video by LOVE4Nails to imitate:

In order for you to replicate this design you must have slightly long nails.  There's just not enough room for all the colors to fade into each other on short nails.  If you want a nail design for short nails just type that into the search box on and you'll get a different set of video tutorials to try.  Thankfully, I've been growing out my nails so that I can shape them into a squoval (square-oval: basically square tip with rounded edges).  I didn't have the right crystals to imitate the flowers she created on top so I only did the base colors.  Then again, I also didn't want my nails to look that busy...  I was surprised at how easy and fast this design was.  This is how it came out:

Beautiful, feminine, and perfect for summer!

Till next time...

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