Thursday, March 1, 2012

What A Doll!

About a year ago, I saw photographs of an elfin creature.  The realism and fantasy in the photo was stunning.  Since then I've been researching how this person took this photo and what exactly her subject was.  

After a lot of googling I found out that it was a ball-jointed doll, specifically the ones made in Japan and Korea.  I like the Asian ball-jointed dolls (a.k.a. BJDs) because they look like anime character with their large doe-eyes.  

I finally bit the bullet and bought one and she arrived today!  I couldn't believe the level of customization that goes into these dolls when I was going through the process of ordering her.  Each company that makes them has a certain look and price point.  Once you've chosen the company and the look then you choose the skin color, body type, clothes, eyes, faceup (makeup), wig, accessories...  After all that you're guaranteed to have a doll with a unique look!  I can't wait to get more outfits, do some body blushing, give her a manicure then TAKE MORE PICS!!  Below is just The Beginning... *Peace*

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