Thursday, May 26, 2011

Intro: My Life Through My Lens...

I don't know about you but life and all it's infinite possibilities and experiences is just like taking photos.  Everyone is trying to find that perfect moment, that perfect photograph, but how you see it/find it depends on how/where you look.

That's why I take my life one frame at a time.  Carefully looking at everything from every possible angle.  I just don't want to overlook anything by only giving it one glance.  As I grow older my opinions change and this is what my blog is about.  It's about expressing myself in any way, shape or form. 

As you can probably guess, I love photography.  I consider myself an amateur photographer and love taking my camera out for a walk.  However, it is not my only interest.  You may find that I will bring up numerous topics in this blog.  I may talk about politics, current events (both in the public and in my personal life), about the latest recipe I tried out in the kitchen, a book I adored (or not), my shopping haul, or makeup tips and tricks.  I don't know.  Just whatever I feel like talking about!  It's kind of liberating.

Well that's it for my little introduction.  For now, I'm signing off.

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