Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's still hard to be a woman...

This morning I read an article about a case I had been following regarding a very inebriated woman claiming she had been raped by a police officer, the same police officer that was called to help her into her apartment.  Here are the details that I managed to piece together:

The woman was so drunk that she was unable to make it into her apartment from the taxi.  The driver, concerned for her, called 911 and 2 NYPD cops came to help.  She alleges that when she woke up the next day she realized, from piecing together memories, that she had been raped.  Unfortunately, the woman doesn't remember anything about that night except for the sound of the cops' radios and her tights being pulled down and she showered after the incident which could've washed away any potential DNA evidence.   As the trial progressed, more and more details came to light about that night.  Surveillance footage caught the cops returning to the woman's apartment three more times which went unreported to their supervisors.  The explanation given was that one of the cops was a recovering alcoholic and they returned out of concern for her well-being.  The defense also claims later on that the woman was acting flirtatious towards one of the cops and although he did flirt back, there was no sexual intercourse.  At some point, the woman confronted her alleged rapist with a wire tap and, while at first he denied having sex with her, he states he did have sex with her but he used a condom. 

After all this the jury still acquitted the two former NYPD officers.  Their reason being there was not enough concrete evidence (DNA) to convict them and the alleged victim's testimony couldn't be trusted because of her drunken state. 

As women, we have to admit that we are/can be more vulnerable to the opposite sex.  In general we are smaller and physically weaker.  We are more likely to be assaulted because we may appear weaker.  The moral of this story is that, number one, we should look out for one another.  I can't believe her co-workers and friends put her in a cab and let her go home by herself in her state.  I would never let one of my friends go home by themselves if they are that drunk.  Who knows what could happen to them!  The second moral would be not to put yourself in a compromising situation if you can help it.  I know bad things can happen but making wise decisions can help keep you out of trouble.  Know your alcohol limit!  Ask a friend to escort you home if you are too drunk/sick.  Don't go walking in unlit/vacant areas.  Use the buddy system.  Most of these things are common sense.  My heart goes out to this woman and I hope that time will help her heal and find some peace. 

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