Monday, January 9, 2012

No Smoking Please! :)

Smoking is terrible for your health and second-hand smoke is even worse.  That is why I'm so happy that the city of Alameda has passed an ordinance banning smoking in public areas INCLUDING inside apartment complexes and even outside on private balconies!  As someone who lives in an apartment complex, I'm thrilled!!

I'm a non-smoker and I absolutely hate it when my neighbors light up and I'm forced to close my windows because I don't want to inhale that nasty smell.  Winter months...I'm ok.  Summertime??  It's stifling hot on the 3rd floor and the only way to cool the apartment is to open all the windows and let the cool breeze from the beach come through.  Sometimes I just have to choose the cool breeze and deal with the second-hand smoke.  It's not worth closing up my apartment especially when the weather is hot as hell.  Soon I won't have to worry about that.  I'm also free to walk around Park St. and Southshore without inadvertently walking into a cloud of foul smoke.  *happy sigh*

Details of the unanimously passed ordinance can be found here: City of Alameda Smoking Policy.

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