Sunday, January 29, 2012

As Promised...It's All About The Food!

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Ahi Tuna Slider from Sliders With A Kick!

I am not one of those people who eat to live.  I live to eat!  I love trying and savoring different flavors of food.  I'm also completely willing to try anything once, as long as it's not ALIVE!  I draw the line there!! :)  That's why when my friend Holly told me about Food Social and one of their events, I was there!  Why would I miss coming to an event that showcased up and coming street vendors and their yummy food?!?

So on January 21st, 2012, at around 4:30 pm, my hubby, Mumsy, and I made our way to San Francisco.  Boy is it hard to find parking on 22nd Street in the Mission District.  The neighborhood was alive and kicking and we were lucky to find a spot to park that was only a couple blocks away.  Upon arrival I was immediately caught up in orgasmic, foodie smells, taunting me and telling me to hurry up and eat.  So began my foodie adventures that night!

I jumped into the nearest line and ordered the above slider.  I love sashimi and I'm quite picky about where eat it and what I eat so I was excited that Sliders with a Kick served ahi tuna.  Although the fish was extremely fresh and wonderfully seasoned, and the accompanying veggies gave the burger an unexpected pickled flavor, it was too small in proportion to the bun.  The bread overwhelmed the taste of the fish and veggies.  I threw away the top bun and just ate the fish and veggies over the lower bun and it was perfect.  Just enough bread with just enough fish that I shared with my hubby.  He loved it as well.  :)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
The making of my Burgogi Burger.

My next meal was the Burgogi burger that I found cooking outside on the balcony.  Mouthwatering beef patty with some bulgogi, a fried egg, and kimchi on top.  It was all tied together with a spicy aioli sauce.  TO...DIE...FOR!!!  I have only one little suggestion, which I would've done if I could've taken this burger home with me (it wasn't going to last that long!).  Because the kimchi's flavor is very powerful, it is hard to taste the rest of the burger.  The beef patty needs more seasoning, possibly seasoned the same as the bulgogi, then you'd be able to taste the meat in conjunction with the kimchi.  I would also have seasoned the egg as well.  This burger is a brilliant idea and a deliciously filling meal.  It's definitely the BEST burger I have ever had.

Yummy in my tummy.

Well I feel full just recounting what I had eaten!  Haha...  I was ready for my dessert and I found it at RSF Bakes.  I bought one plum and one apricot galette.  One bite of the flaky, buttery pastry and the sweet, ripe fruit and I was on cloud nine.  I literally closed my eyes and savored the moment the pastry crumbled and melted in my mouth.  I wish I had bought more.

RSF Bakes!  The plum and apricot pastries were the best!!

Unfortunately, I only have one stomach and that was all I could fit into it.  My tummy was well and truly satisfied.  The same couldn't be said for my poor hubby, which brings me to my other point.  My baby is a vegetarian/pescatarian for health reasons and the choices were lacking in that area.  That was why we had to leave the event early, to FEED HIM.  Hopefully, at the next event, there will be more vegetarian choices for those who choose to or can't eat meat.  But damn, even with the lack of vegetarian choices, my hubby, Mumsy, and I were still glad to have made it.  What food we were able to taste was delicious.  Count us all a fan and eager for more events like this in the future!!

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