Monday, February 6, 2012

Did Sally Hansen "Nail" It?

Ever since discovering shellac manicures, I've taken a bit of a hiatus in doing my own nails and nail designs.  I've been pampering myself by having shellac manicures done on my nails at my local spa, Jadyn Taylor, in Alameda.  The convenience of this type of manicure is that there is no drying time and they last 3 weeks or more!  My nails stay perfect and glossy as if I've just had a fresh manicure!!

What's the drawback then?  Well, I'll tell you...
1.  They can be a tad expensive.  It's an extra service on top of your manicure.  At most places, it doubles the price of your manicure (but still worth it because of the long-lasting, chip-proof manicure).  
2.  No designs!!  Need I say more?  You get one color and that's it so make sure you love it because it's at least a 3 week commitment.  ;)
3.  Limited colors.  Although I have to say that CND Shellac has been coming out with more and more colors lately, they are still on the more natural side (pinks, nudes, reds, etc.)

Now Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips has been out for awhile but I've never tried them.  I keep getting mixed reviews about them and was afraid to try.  The price was an added issue.  $10 for a one-use nail item!!  I get nail polish for cheaper than that and the bottle will last me a good long while!  I walked by the display last night and I finally bought 2 (it was buy 1 and get 1 half off).  I bought Mod About You (shown above with the contents laid out) and Aflorable (shown on the right).  I thought I'd try Mod About You first because I was much more in love with the Aflorable pattern.  I'd rather mess up with Mod than with Aflorable.  LOL

One of the selling points of this product is that it's easy and quick to use.  Unfortunately, that's not the case.  I have to say the prep time took me awhile.  I followed all the tips in the reviews I read.  I took my time making sure my cuticles were all pushed back, nails buffed and shaped, and free from any oils or dirt by rubbing acetone on them.  Once that was done I started matching the strips to each finger, trying to see which fit my nails the best and have them already laid out.  Youtube was very helpful in seeing exactly what I needed to do.  I made very little mistakes.  The one that I learned from quickly was to be careful using the cuticle stick given.  They say to use the stick to push down the edges and smooth them out.  Well if you rub it too hard on your nail it will scrape and/or move the strip!  So I didn't rub as much as just push down the edges to make sure they have adhered nicely to my nail.  All in all the entire process took me over an hour!  It wasn't quick and it certainly wasn't easy.

The other issue was about the strips themselves.  They tended to curl in on themselves so it was hard to line them up with my nail.  I also have both small and large nails and the widths of the strips didn't always match my nail.  It's not too noticeable unless you are really looking closely.  There's only a slight bit of my nail on the side showing.  I've sometimes missed that part when I've painted my nails myself.  It's not a big deal.  I took the extra step of putting a top coat, as many have suggested, just to give it that bit of protection and hopefully make it last longer.  Here's the final product:

Not bad right?  I love the colorful design and definitely not something I can do by hand.  All in all I'm pretty happy with the results.  It remains to be seen whether or not it will last the 10 days it claims.  For the price, I think I'd get them for special occasions but not on a regular basis.  It takes me the same amount of time to design my own nails using my Konad stamping kit, decals, or just by hand.  At least when I do it that way I know that it will last at least two weeks with my protective top coat and won't cost me as much since I already have all the materials.  I will definitely post an update as well as show what Aflorable looks like on me next time around.  *Peace*


  1. UPDATE: Besides lifting a tad at the cuticle area, my nails barely chipped at all!! Definitely worth the buy and can't wait to put on the next print...

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  3. It also lasted at least 1.5 weeks before showing any noticeable imperfections!