Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell - My New Guilty Pleasure

I have to thank one of my besties for introducing me to Jeffrey Campbell.  *You know who you are! ;)* His shoes are works of art that you can wear.

<~~~~I mean...just check 'em out!  I don't normally shell out more than $100 for shoes (unless they're leather boots) but I had to make an exception for these babies.  I actually got them on SALE the Saturday after Black Friday.  They were an extra 30% off on top of the sale price so they were a little over 40% off!!  I'll admit it...I drooled... ;)

These may look strange and uncomfortable to wear at first glance, but actually, they are suuuuuper comfortable.  The heels and the balls of my feet are well padded and the arch of my foot isn't too high because of the platform to heel ratio.  The heel is 5 1/2" and the platform is 1 1/2" according to the website but nearly 2" when I measured it myself.  This is the first pair that I actually bought on my own because the FIRST pair of JC's I had were a gift from my Mumsy.  She gave me the black, studded Lita as a very early Christmas gift.  I love her!

Unfortunately, Jeffrey Campbells retail between $140 to $300.  They are not everyday purchases, at least not for me and my budget.  However, if you feel like splurging and want to treat yourself to a show-stopping  fashion accessory then look no further.  I guarantee that if you walk out of the house with one of his shoes, you will be stopped by someone who wants to know where you got them from.

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