Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Civil Rights Movement Within My Lifetime

CNN Article: California Same Sex Ruling
Judge Ware Upheld Judge Walker Ruling (Court PDF Document)

It is hard to believe that, in this day and age, there are still government sanctioned forms of discrimination in the U.S.  Our government is supposed to protect the rights of all of its citizens without regard for specific religious beliefs yet many states still insist that marriage is still only reserved for heterosexual couples. 

This is why I rejoiced at reading the above article.  I have been following the California Prop 8 issue ever since I voted against it back in November, 2008 but the legal battle over gay marriage began long before that.  (If you want to see a timeline click here: LA Times: Proposition 8 Timeline

While I am happy that Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling (which I read in it's entirety and can be found here: Judge Walker Prop 8 Ruling) was upheld, I know that it will not end until the U.S. Supreme Court reviews this case and ends it one way or another. 

For now I hold out hope that some day everyone will see the parallels between this and interracial marriages before.  Gay, straight, you can't choose who you love.  All partnerships/marriages deserve the same benefits under the eyes of the law across all states.  One should not be held in higher esteem than the other.  It is a choice to blend your life with someone else's and that choice to make that committment should be celebrated regardless of the couples' gender.

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