Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nails Shattered!

Last night, as you all know, I bought all the new colors of O.P.I.'s Shatter polish. As soon as I could I started pairing which colors would look good as a base for each shatter polish. I came up with this first pairing.

I took a gold polish called Bling Dynasty by O.P.I. and paired it with the turquoise; a pastel yellow polish called Spark by Orly and paired it with the blue; a hot pink polish called Jolene by Zoya and paired it with the white; a pastel green polish called Green Apple by Orly and paired it with the navy; and lastly a pastel pink polish called Mod About You by O.P.I. and paired it with the red. This was just my first pairing. I wanted to see what they all looked like on me. This is how it turned out.

Super cute! Anyway I decided I really liked the look of the gold base and turquoise shatter so I cleaned up my nails to start over. This time around I put a Seche Base coat on first.

You should always put a base coat on first because it protects your nails from the nail polish and helps prevent discoloration of your nails. After that I proceeded to do my nails in the gold and turquoise color. I also decided to put a little bling for added drama. This is how it turned out:

What do y'all think? I think it either looks like a peacock or a reptile. Either way I think it's very cool.

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